How BookCheetah Works


  1. REGISTER: Sign up for a free account. Just need a name, email, and school.
  2. SEARCH: Find the books you need for upcoming classes and add them to your wishlist.
  3. POST: Add your old books for sale on your bookshelf. You set the price.
  4. MEET: Set up a time and place to exchange cash for books.

Why Bookcheetah?

  • Student-to-student = no ridiculous bookstore prices and you set your selling price. Money stays with fellow students-- not some faceless bookstore owner. 
  • No shipping = quicker, cheaper, and greener. 
  • Free = Free accounts, free to use. Simple enough.
  • Do good = If we help to save you money, donate to keep us free!  Then decide how ten percent of all BookCheetah proceeds is spent: the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Teach For America or the student government of your school.